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Our Unity

Posted by Citizen Patriot on August 1, 2013 at 2:25 AM

I recently did a quick search of exclusively or predominantly black professional organizations and found there are nearly 800 such organizations/associations claiming such affiliation. Incredible! Why is there a need for such racially designated organizations when in fact they are, by said designation, racially biased, motivated, and discriminatory? What, for instance, sets a black lawyer apart from a white lawyer, a black police officer or firefighter from a white police officer and firefighter? What's the difference, other than obvious political affiliation, between a black Congressman and a white Congressman, both of whom have taken the same oath of allegiance to the country and people they are sworn to protect and serve, when in fact membership in such an organization is in direct violation of said oath and deliberately creates an unnecessary racial division within our highest levels of government?


Folks, we are all Americans, either by birthright or naturalization, and we all share the same hopes, dreams, and aspirations, and most pray for divine intervention and guidance. We all enjoy the freedoms we cherish most and would willingly fight, and if necessary die, to protect and preserve these freedoms for our children and future generations.


Our country is a nation of laws, of justice, equality, and equal opportunity for all. Our Constitution is the lifeblood of our country, having been written by and for the people. It is the cornerstone, the very foundation upon which our country was built, and contained within the "Pledge of Allegiance" to our flag and country are the words "one nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all."


And while these few simple, well-chosen words may hold little meaning for some, they do in fact represent the spirit, strength, and vitality of the greatest nation and people on planet Earth. There is no secret code, formula, holy grail, or Templar's treasure, for in truth our national treasure is in fact our "unity" as a people. It's our unity that makes our country the greatest nation on Earth. It's our unity that enables us to help those unable to help themselves. It's our unity that has attracted tens-of-millions of freedom-loving people throughout the world to our shores to share in our prosperity. And it's our unity as a people, as a nation, that protects and preserves our freedoms and our American way of life.


Our enemies know this. And they are intimidated by and actually fear our unity, for they realize, more so than all others, that America will never be defeated unless they first find a way weaken our resolve and destroy our unity from within, thus making us vulnerable to attack and ripe for conquest.


During the last 5 years, our country has been under siege by enemies both foreign and domestic; enemies who are everywhere and yet remain unseen; enemies who are sworn to our destruction. Our economy has been sabotaged, our government nearly bankrupted, our military demoralized and dismantled, our borders opened to invasion by millions of third-world vagrants, pedophiles run rampant throughout our culture, our criminal justice system has been corrupted, our Congressmen and Senators have been threatened and intimidated, television is scripted to foment hatred, violence, division and paranoia, and our traditional American values and religious beliefs are under constant assault.


Meanwhile, anyone who quotes our Constitution, believes in God, reads the Bible, demands government transparency, or recites the “American’s Creed” is automatically subject to ridicule, scorn, degradation and defamation and is immediately branded as a racist troll or domestic "Tea Party" terrorist and then electronically stalked by the NSA which we now know is reading all our emails and listening to our phone calls.


At every turn, our sanity is being sucker-punched and our unity assaulted by an out-of-control and morally corrupt administration. Since when did political issues like same-sex marriage, abortion, amnesty, socialized medicine, gun-rights, religious freedom, voter I.D. laws, and a pathway to citizenship for millions of illegal aliens suddenly become heated racial and civil rights issues?


The singular goal of the Communist Manifesto is to "fundamentally transform" America from a freedom-loving democracy into racially-divided, national-socialist welfare state populated by financially dependent, unthinking sheep, and the best way to accomplish this is by attacking and destroying our "unity."


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